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Neil and James met working at the Brentwood centre and here is where their story begun.

Both having experience in Personal training, gym management and operations management but also specialising in different areas they joined forces and owned their first gym together in Romford, Essex. 

But the story of the wellbeing hub started long before this.

Whilst working together at Brentwood Neil decided to take a new path in stroke rehabilitation whilst at the same time James was left with overseeing a new opportunity at the centre in the form of mental health and physical activity.

The two grew in there fields but never apart still working together at a sports centre and keen to do better things.

Whilst working on his mental health project James decided he was not happy with the way things were run in regards to the way people where treated both as services and users so decided enough was enough and created (on paper) the worlds first full commercial inclusive wellbeing hub.

during this time Neil started to grow his stroke rehabilitation business and was proving his new found skills to be a vital part in improving quality of life and decide he wanted to do more about making rehabilitation affordable.

As if by "stroke" of lucky both Neil and James (as per usual) approached each other about merging the two ideas and Serene Fitness was born 

Serene Fitness' First big project was to open and run a small gym in Romford using all their knowledge to grow something that would be ground breaking..

but like a lot of things without careful planning and too much eagerness it struggled!

Learning and growing they both noticed mainstream gyms where not the way to go so went back to the drawing board just as the infamous COVID-19 Struck forcing the gym to close

Seeing this as an opportunity to revalue their work and it's purpose they both decided they would be true to their original word (although not as grand) and open a small wellbeing hub In the county of essex where they both call home!

and here is where the FIRST Wellbeing hub was born

For years (over 12!) since first meeting they have been close friends and have dedicated their lives to providing affordable wellbeing services through the different careers in the physical and mental health industry

And they plan to provided excellent affordable services for many more years!

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