James Wheeler and Neil Heppel, the owners of The Wellbeing Hub, have been friends for well over a decade. Their combined experience and skillsets in the worlds of physica and mental health is now on offer at The Wellbeing Hub in Basildon. The first of many Wellbeing Hubs, hopefully!

If you are a stroke survivor who feels like there is more rehab needed after the NHS has done their job, or someone who is struggling with fitness or life in general, James and Neil are the people to speak to.

Neil & James, Wellbeing Hub
Neil & James, Wellbeing Hub
James Wheeler

James is also known as The Fitness and Mind Coach. A husband, father, mentor and entrepreneur, James is a qualified Personal Trainer with experience and qualifications for the Life Coaching side of the business.

If you are onboard with The Wellbeing Hub for the two-week Neuro Rehabilitation programme, it will be James looking after the mindset side of things, for both you and the network around you.

James was heavily involved with a five-year study into mental health problems in the UK, which saved the NHS £3million in social care. This man knows about the importance of forming positive habits!

So if, together, you can create life-changing habits for a healthy body and mind, ones that will reduce or remove the need for diets, medication and clinical therapies… then James’s work is done.

If you would like to book James to speak at an event about mental health, please use the enquiry form below.

Neil & James, Wellbeing Hub
Neil Heppel

Neil has worked in fitness & rehabilitation for over 20 years. If you’re looking to improve physically, whether that’s because of a stroke or other serious condition, or you simply want to get fitter, Neil’s your man.

Neil has always had a passion for helping people overcome physical struggles, and in 2021 he was approached by the UK’s leading Institute of Neurological Rehabilitation to train in stroke rehabilitation. And that is where he still specializes to this day.

His goal is to get stroke survivors back to the condition they were in pre-injury, as well as providing support to them and their networks.

Neil still loves providing Personal Training to The Wellbeing Hub’s gym members but he will often be found co-leading their two-week neuro rehabilitation programme to stroke survivors from across the UK.

If you would like to book Neil to speak at an event about stroke rehabilitation, please use the enquiry form below.

“When we first met Neil, my husband was very physically & emotionally exhausted.

His diabetes was not controlled meaning he was experiencing very poor health, exhaustion, and lack of interaction with the family other than defensive responses.

Neil began working with Jeff and his calm reassurance & conversation encouraged Jeff to do his best.

Neil encouraged Jeff to understand his diet & exercise.

Within a few weeks, Jeff could physically feel the benefits.

Better sleep, greater control of his diabetes, reduction of medication positive family interactions.

Now 12 months later Jeff has lost a huge amount of weight, significantly reduced his medication, sleeps without snoring all night.

The three-prong approach of Neil’s program Jeff’s determination & diet control has given Jeff his LIFE back.
Neil continues to work with Jeff and to see Jeff playing in the pool with his grandkids is astonishing.”


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