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Unlimited Trainer Led Home Workouts for £5 a month!

Hi James and Neil here owners of The Wellbeing Hub and we would love to introduce to you our new service..


Unlimited trainer led workouts for you to do from the comfort of your own home.. no equipment needed and for only a fiver a month! 

what's best is all our workouts and designed with you in mind from feedback you guys give to us!

so you could say the Home Hub is designed by YOU for YOU!

Keep reading to find out what great stuff is in our home hub and how it will get you to where you want to be.

What's inside The Home Hub?..

Coach Lead Workouts

Fancy having a coach in your living room helping you along with your workouts?

Teaching you correct technique, words of encouragement and even modifications for when you're struggling?

Then we have you covered!

In fact why not watch this FREE workout video and give it a try!


 Education is key

Nothing is worst then taking on a trainer or using a diet club and walking away none of the wiser or getting a feeling that somethings missing.. well with our regular blogs, easy to follow nutrition guides, mental health and fitness advice and tons of recipes where calories are counted for you this should be a feeling of the past.

It's takes a village..

We know for a fact that community is the back bone of keeping any routine up, even more so when your training at home alone.. you need to feel like you're doing it right and that the struggles you feel are shared. That's why we give you access to our private Facebook group, invites to our wellbeing hub meet ups and more...

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But what are the benefits of The Home Hub..

All this and more for..


a month

Simply click this link
to register 

And cancel at any time


With prices starting from just £5 a month no longer should improving your health and well-being take second place to anything!

so for less then £1.25 a week you can finally prioritise your health.


With no equipment needed and the space of your body laying down you can do these work outs when and where ever you like!


It doesn't mate if you're a beginner or a vet in the gym we have workouts for everyone.

From mobility, fitness, mma you'll find a style thats right for you!

never alone

Never feel alone again as all our workouts or coach lead to help you push through, any question you have jump onto our FB group and a real coach will answer you (thats if the helpful community doesn't get there first!)

See what others have been saying...

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