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James Wheeler



Hey I’m James aka The Fitness And Mind Coach.


I’m a husband, father, mentor, entrepreneur, 

I live with social anxiety oh and

I’m a suicide survivor!


But why am I even qualified to do what I do?


Well firstly, lived experience. I know what it’s like to 

have debilitating anxiety that has the power to ruin

your life, I discovered this later on in life so had already subconsciously developed the foundations I needed to live medication free. 


More importantly over the last 8 years after discovering It was exercise, nutrition and hobbies that had kept me alive,

I decided to dive deeper into the effects It has on someones mental health and how we can create life changing habits that help improve and maintain both a healthy body and mind without the dependency on diets, medication and clinical therapies.


Using this and the knowledge from a 5 year study (an activity project purely for people with mental health problems that saved the NHS £3mil in social care) I have perfected a method of mentoring which allows someone to develop healthy habits for the mind and body that they can be proud of whilst still living their life to the fullest! 


15+ years in health and fitness

3 years NHS key speaker

8 years personal training


Personal training level 3

Nutrition For All level 3

Mental Health First Aid


Inclusive Communications

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