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Pilates Studio


Neil Heppel



Neil embarked in his career over 20 years ago starting in the leisure and fitness qualifying as a gym and circuit instructor working his way up to gym management the progressing to a leisure centre operations manager. 


Neil always had a passion in rehabilitation and 8 years ago he was approached by the UK’s leading institute of Neurological rehabilitation training to train in Stroke rehabilitation. This was something close to his heart and took this opportunity with both hands and embarked on this chapter of his career.


 Neil's passion, dedication and drive to get the stroke survivor back to the condition they were pre-stroke or pre-injury is always at the forefront of his mind.

He continues to strive to add to his professional knowledge, resulting in high quality rehabilitation training and support for both the survivor and their families.


The goal is to be able to offer not only the services he provides already including personal training but also a support network and services to the families, friends and supporters of stroke survivors.

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